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Daniella Mitchell

Future teacher/doctor, Daniella Mitchell of St. James is rather passionate about netball. At present, the 14-year-old St. James High School student is in training to officially be part of her school’s netball team in March of 2023. Daniella who also enjoys dancing, singing and acting is of a single-parent household, shared with her mother Lavern Brown, who sells in the market to be able to fend for her family; however, encounters difficulty doing so at times.

Daniella who did not have her Physical Education (P.E) gears nor her textbooks and other school supplies, did not let these deter her from her ultimate goal. Through the newly established Can’t Afford To Fail foundation, she expressed that she has received aid with school items she was without, all for which she is grateful.

The 8th grade social butterfly enjoys conversing with people, especially those she is confident she can trust. Daniella also explained that since being part of the foundation, she has been introduced to persons who listen and understands her concerns as well as she is presented with an environment where she can freely be herself.

For Christmas, the teen would like to be gifted new clothes and shoes.

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