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Ishalee Taylor

Ishalee Taylor, a 15-year-old student at Oberlin High School in St. Andrew has her sights set on becoming a paediatrician. The aspiring paediatrician developed a knack for paediatrics a few summers ago, at age 12 when she was tasked to babysit two babies- her and her mother Terresia Wizzard.

In recent weeks, there was an unimaginable turn of events in young Taylor’s life, when her mother who had been ailing with cancer took a turn for the worst, and sadly passed on. The teen is now left in the care of her father Leroy Taylor and her older sisters Kimberlee and Glenis McLarty. Despite battling the worst, the bereaved teen remains strong. Although disclosing that she is coping fine, she also advised that she is open to counseling if necessary.

In her copious free-time, the Grade 10 student enjoys reading, writing, dancing and singing. Expressing unwavering gratitude to the Can’t Afford To Fail foundation, Ishalee wishes to thank the foundation for continuous good deeds, for being a safe space promoting openness and moral support.

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