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Kimone Collins


Nurtured and raised in a single-parent household for as long as she can remember- 14-year-old Kimone Collins lives with her mother Ingrid Barrett and her younger sibling Christopher Powell.

The 9th grade Holmwood Technical High School student who resides in Trelawny derives pleasure from singing and dancing. Having seen the impact science has on almost every aspect of our lives, the young Trelawny native is aspirant to venture into science and become a scientist.

Overcame with emotions explaining her story, an emotive Kimone divulged, “Since I was born, my mom has been the one that was there for me; my father never thought of looking after me until I reached 12 until age 13, he stopped.” Almost tearful, and reminiscing that her younger sibling too has an absent father, she further added, “My mom can hardly get by with me and my brother- his father is the same like my father.” Emphasizing the struggles she contends daily, the promising teen explained, “We pay rent, and my mom is owing 6 months rent.”

Despite contending with hardships, Kimone remains hopeful above all else: Kimone’s expectation from enrolling in the Can’t Afford To Fail Foundation’s programme and being part of the Limitless 22 Stars is to receive genuine love and compassion for herself and her family.

An abundantly ecstatic Kimone closed by extending appreciation bundled with joy to the foundation and our team, “I would like to tell them I’m really glad. Being here with you guys and the experience on the first day here, I’m amazed and happy.”

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