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Mickayle Simms

Contending with absenteeism from school due to financial constraints, aspiring soldier from Clarendon, Mickayle Simms, despite setbacks remains determined. Due to employment, his mother TerryAnn Reid experiences difficulties schooling both Mickayle and his younger brother Tyquan. The very thought of being uneducated at the end of the day leaves 12-year-old Garvey Maceo High School student rather perturbed.

Mickayle who was said to be lacking in certain areas before being part of the Can’t Afford To Fail foundation has been seeing quite a number of improvements, for which his mother is grateful. He now attends school more often; he has grown to be more polite, as well as there is minimal developments in his speech.

During his spare time, the aspiring soldier enjoys playing football and watching TV. Mickayle wishes to be gifted either a smartphone or a smart TV this Christmas.

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