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Orlando Forbes

Determined to not be defined by the hardships he faces, 16-year-old Orlando Forbes who suffers from Type-1 Diabetes moves to defy all odds. The student of Troy High School in Trelawny, despite being absent from school weeks at a time due to being at the hospital undergoing treatment, still manages to excel in school. His father, Lovell Forbes who battles kidney failure is often times unable to work, or provide for himself and Orlando.

Orlando proudly wears the title of a Senior Prefect at his school, and extends credit to the foundation for keeping him grounded to make this possible, and for keeping him going even at his lowest. A grateful Orlando extended thanks to the Can’t Afford To Fail foundation’s founder Petergay Dunkley-Mullings, and his mentors Taffarri Robinson and Angela Foster, who are all instrumental in helping with his sponsors as well as school supplies.

For his Christmas gift, Orlando disclosed that he would like for the Can’t Afford To Fail foundation to see longevity and help other children, as well as he would like a phone.

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