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Shy-Ann Johnson

Since age 15, Shy-Ann Johnson, now 18 years old has been executing the duties of a full-time caregiver to her ailing mother Ann Marie McDonald, who at present is confined to a wheelchair. The student of Titchfield High School in Port Antonio who is no stranger to immense pressure and hardship continues to defy all odds to fulfil her dream.

The promising sixth form student whose sights are set on becoming a pathologist, previously copped 10 CSEC subjects and is presently sitting 5 CAPE subjects. The young Portland resident whose father, Earl Johnson resides in St. Elizabeth does what he can, when he can on the basis of financial aid for young Johnson and her mother.

With whatever minimal free-time she has, Shy-Ann enjoys reading books and watching television series. Thankful to the Can’t Afford To Fail foundation and her sponsor for financial aid to ease financial burdens associated with household and educational expenses, she hopes for a Christmas to remember.

Not demanding much, Shy-Ann disclosed that an ideal Christmas gift for her is either a sneakers or a watch, but most importantly- food, “I would want to have something to eat on Christmas when everyone else is having their big dinner.”

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